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About RSMS 16
Map interface provides GIS to the rest of us


RSMS 16 may well be the world's easiest to use GIS (Geographic Information System) software. Although easy to learn and use it is a powerful and visually attractive tool to assist town managers, road commissioners, public works directors, road committees, and budget committees develop a fully-costed, prioritized maintenance plan for their road network, including both gravel and paved roads.

RSMS 16 is not 'just' a fund raising tool, however. It is also a powerful tool for road plan communication, historical record-keeping including budgets, spending, and history of work.



RSMS 16 was launched in 2016, designed to be a greatly enhanced sucessor to RSMS 10 and 11 that adds a GIS (map-based) user interface plus a signs management module.

Design Basis


Specific design goals for RSMS 16 haven't changed one bit from RSMS 10 and RSMS 11: